Middle School Ministry Online

Due to Covid-19 and supporting Shelter-in-Place, CamCC's Middle School Ministry has gone completely digital. You can click the Available on YouTube link or right here to watch all of our content or participate through the app, Zoom. Below is our plan as we move towards gathering again. It is subject to change. 

Phase 1: Digital - All youth activities will be online. Every Friday will have a virtual youth group at 6:30 PM on YouTube with small groups at 8:00 PM on Zoom. Sundays will be live-streamed at 10:15 AM. On May 8th, we will feature a 24-hour live-stream in lieu of the annual All Nighter.  

Phase 2: Small Groups - As the County and State begin to loosen the restrictions, we will provide safe small group activities periodically while still live-streaming Fridays and Sundays. Be looking out for events and opportunities. 

Phase 3: Family (Small) Group Gatherings - All Middle School activities will be done within each student's family group. We will be live-steaming alongside it for students who aren't ready to be in groups. An example of this is competitive cooking night, where each group will compete at the home of a leader against all the other groups. Each group will Zoom to see what everyone else is doing. We will enter Phase 3 when groups of 10 or more can gather. 

Phase 4: Re-Opening the Church - When the group size can be up to 50, we will return to the church. We will change, for this season, our Sunday mornings to Sunday Nights so we can use the larger youth auditorium to maintain social distancing. Friday nights will also be in the larger auditorium. Events will be cater to social distancing practices. 

Phase 5: The Future - We will bring the new technology and methodology learned from this time and combine them with the vision and goals of our ministry. We will return to using the Middle School room and our normal times. While we don't know what new measures we will take in regards to social distancing, we look forward to how God is going to transform us in this time. We don't know when phase 5 will start yet. Safety is one of our main values. 


    Middle School Pastor


    Drew has been in leadership roles in youth ministry since he was 14. He has a passion for seeing youth come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and living that relationship out. In 2015, Drew graduated with a Master's of Christian Leadership from Multnomah Biblical Seminary. When not using his passion for ministry, Drew spends his time with his wife, Alexandra, exploring and adventuring. He enjoys being creative, He has previously worked at CamCC for three years. 

    (805) 482-2657 ext. 107

  • Family Car Photo Scavenger Hunt | Road Rally

    May 29th | 6:30 PM

    Meet at Camarillo Community Church

    Bring your whole family on a crazy adventure driving around Camarillo, solving riddles, completing challenges, and facing off with other Middle School families. The goal of the game will be to get as many points as possible by taking photos of your family completing the challenges and photographing the secret locations found in solving the riddles. This is themed around "Pirates of the Camarillo: Challenge of the Black Road." The more your family invests into the theme, the more points will be rewarded. There will be  a prize for the winning family. Further rules, challenges, and riddles will be posted here on May 29th.

    We will be using YouTube Live to broadcast instructions, secret clues, photos from teams, and general commentary throughout the night. 

    Important Rules:

    -Families need to remain in their vehicles while on church property

    -Students will be the primary navigators. Freeways are off limits.

    -You must obey all rules of the road and social distancing policies.

    -Email a filled-out release form for all participants (see form below)

    -Have as much fun as possible! 


Thank you for checking out our page! If you are a middle school student or know one, we hope that our ministry will feel like home. Our staff (leaders) welcome you and invite you or any middle school student to our group. Please scroll down to look at our ministry times below. We provide a mid-week program and Sunday morning gathering as well as an annual summer camp experience on Catalina Island. Like us on Instagram to get a closer look at what we do in Middle School Ministry here at CamCC.

Our Middle School Ministry focuses on the opportunity for students to know and grow into their relationship with Jesus. We do this through what we call "legendary moments" and "legacy relationships". We hope to create memorable moments or "legends" that students will hold on to the rest of their lives whether it be the moment they came to know Jesus, when they surrendered their hearts in worship,  were convicted by a Biblical truth during our teaching time, or when they lost an epic food fight. Our leaders' goal is to leave a "legacy" in the student's life. Leaders pour into the lives of students inside and outside of group times. They form relationships with students that lead students closer to God and deeper into what His word says as they, too, grow deeper with the Lord. We often don't remember the words, but we remember the moments and the people, and that's what our ministry hopes to capitalize on and maybe have a little fun along the way.

Download Emergency Release Form


10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Our Sunday Morning Gathering is designed to support the spiritual growth of Middle School students. We provide a fun, chill environment with a mini-coffee shop, table games, and video games. Our gathering consists of a game, passionate worship, and Bible-centered teaching. 


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Middle School Ministry also meets on Friday nights from 7-9 PM in the Activity Center. We have exciting games and activities, authentic worship, and family (small) groups that challenge students to love Jesus more and live it out every day.


August 11th - 14th, 2020


At our annual Catalina Island trip, students make new friends, learn to rely on God, and have an unforgettable adventure. Many students call it their favorite time of summer and a great way to kick off the new school year. We spend time at camp playing awesome games, engaging in authentic worship and diving into God's Word.


January, May, & October

Three times a year, Middle School Ministry puts on large-scale events for the middle school students of Camarillo. Events have included all-nighters, and giant nerf wars. Download the calendar to see the Momentum Event. 

Come join us!

If you are in middle school, we'd love to have you join us at any or all of these events. Our heart is for helping students commit to following Christ as they grow, and we would love to get to know you and invest in your life! If you are an adult or parent interested in learning more about getting involved in middle school ministry, we'd love to hear from you too!