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    Jim Moyer serves as CamCC's Pastor of Discipleship and Family Ministries. Jim attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Arts in Theology in June, 2003, specializing in Family ministry and Small Group ministry.

    “These are exciting times to be engaged in the ministry of discipleship, where I am able to help men and women join in community for the purpose of growing to be like Jesus.”

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Jesus' last command to his disciples was to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. CamCC is committed to that command. Discipleship is both a local and global effort. There are many areas to get involved and grow as a disciple of Jesus at CamCC. Life is meant to be done in together, so we offer many different opportunities to grow in your relationship with Christ and fellowship with others.

NEW! Signups for the Spring 2021 quarter begin on 3/28/21.


Sermon-based small groups of 8 or more

Our Growth Group ministry provides a safe place to connect and study the Word of God together. It complements our Sunday services nicely by giving you the opportunity to discuss the message and connect with others. Groups meet weekly where members check in on how their week is going, share how the Sunday message impacts their life by reviewing the sermon-based questions and to pray for each other. The link for the weekly questions appears below. And, this is a great place to grow and stretch our faith.

The Spring 2021 quarter starts the week of April 11th and concludes the week of May 30th, 2021. Some groups appearing here are brand new groups forming for the first time. Others are established groups with room for more. Feel free to join any group that has room.

The Growth Group Spring Quarter 2021 however, in many ways, will look different than previous Growth Group quarters. Because of the unusual precautions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to make adjustments to how we conduct Growth Groups. Every Growth Group for the Spring 2021 quarter will meet in a way that is safe and meets the comfort level of participants.


Some Growth Groups will meet virtually via the meeting app Zoom. The group leader will initiate each meeting by sending an invitation that can be accepted by desk or lap-top computer or by phone. Be sure to state your email when enrolling so that you will receive an invitation.


Some groups will meet in-person, maintaining safe distances between participants. Host homes will provide a comfortable outdoor setting with lighting.

Groups meeting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the option of using the church provided childcare. With this option, children are dropped off beforehand and picked up promptly after group meetings. Child care hours are 6:30 to 9:00 PM. There is a small fee and separate childcare enrollment is required prior to April 13.


Fee schedule for the eight-week quarter:

1 child             $40

2 children        $75

3 children        $100


In order to observe all legalities with regard to child/worker ratios, we require our families to enroll and pay for childcare before 6:00 PM, April 11th. We are very sorry that we cannot take walk-ups.

Please contact jimmoyer@camcc.net for any questions.    

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Download this week's sermon-based homework.

Growth Group Enrollment

Register for Child Care


Quad Ministry

Groups of 3-4 & gender specific

Quads meet once a week to learn what it means to be Christ's disciple. We've found that these micro groups lead to an intense season of personal spiritual growth. Quads provide a safe place to get honest about who we are as men and women as well as be held accountable to one another. Camarillo Community Church has quads meeting daily at various times. We invite you to join a quad, as we take another step in our journey toward God together.

Click here to learn more about the discipleship model we use here at CamCC.


*Temporarily not meeting*

Come join us in the Fellowship Hall. We would love to have the opportunity to get to know you. The food is great, too.


Classes are currently not meeting for Spring 2021.



CamCC has embarked on a full scale International Discipleship Initiative. God has led us to train church pastors and leaders from nearly 20 countries in disciple making. We're looking forward to see what He has planned next. The group photo to the left was from our first Discipleship Summit where we trained pastors from Romania and the Netherlands.