We're here to help with...

  • Care and Counsel - pastoral care, marriage counseling, hospital visitation
  • Financial Assistance - providing financial support for families experiencing a time of hardship through the benevolent fund. Download and print application form here.
  • Funerals - supporting you in difficult times. Download forms here to help us help you get through the process.
  • Prayer Ministry - submit a prayer request here or sign up to pray for those in need.
  • Meals Ministry - supporting families who need meals during times of illness or the birth of a baby.

If you feel you are in these circumstances, please call (805) 482-2657

Jehovah Jireh Food Pantry

We exist to allow our church body to serve God, fellow members, and our community through the distribution of food to families in need. We demonstrate Christian love and respect and providing opportunities to share Christ with those we serve.

Located at 379 Mobil Avenue | Open Fridays from 1:00 to 5:00 PM